The future of our metropolis is intimately linked to its history. By preserving the historic facade, we are firmly anchored in our roots, in the heart of Montreal’s intellectual core. The original structure was built in 1964, at the height of the modern era, to house Les Éditions Fides, one of the first publishers in French-speaking America. The project takes a contemporary approach, offering luxury condominiums and common areas where residents can live life to the fullest.

La Tour Fides reaches new heights while ensuring historic continuity. Its strategic location, near the Old Port and the business district, will provide residents with an impressive vantage point that encapsulates the evolution of Montreal through time. Our entire team continues to thrive on this project, and we look forward to seeing it take flight.

– Labid Aljundi, PMP, MBA


Imbued with a dynamic contemporary style, the architectural concept of La Tour Fides amalgamates new structures with the original building, enhancing its value. The hierarchy of volumes, which dialogues in a specific and harmonious way with each of the streets on which it is located, constitutes an exemplary urban integration.

– Olivier Legault, BLTA


Guided by the building’s modernist aesthetic and the history of the neighbourhood at the heart of Montreal’s cultural and intellectual core, the interior spaces are designed to enhance the living experience, merging the energy of the urban landscape with the interior palette. The noble materials and cohesive palette create a celestial atmosphere where intimacy rhymes with discovery, heritage with modernity, and grandeur with warmth.

– Marie-Claude Thibault, BLTA