24/7 Concierge

Personalized service for your comfort and security.

Refrigerated Lockers for Packages

If you are not home to receive a food or flower delivery, the concierge will keep them cool for you.


Four levels of underground parking, accessible from each building. Each parking lot will be equipped with an electrical outlet and will have the option of installing a personal electrical charging station.

A parking space can be purchased with a one bedroom condo and office or larger.

Storage lockers (3 x 5 feet) – can be purchased with any condo

Bike racks

Carpooling and
Bike Sharing

In our neighbourhood, having a vehicle is optional. For those rare occasions, take advantage of short-term rental cars and shared bikes, located in the garage.

Guest Room

A comfortable and private room to lodge your guests after a night on the town. The guest room is managed by the condominium board.

Pet Grooming Room

Does your dog or cat need a bath? Keep your bathroom clean and use the pet grooming room instead.